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Liga Privada No. 9

Liga Privada No. 9
Produced by Drew Estate, the Liga Privada No. 9 cigar is sure to send you down memory lane with its traditional, hearty flavor. Drew Estate is a time-honored brand you can trust, and the Liga Privada No. 9 serves as another testament to its brand reliability.
The Liga Privada is a cigar for cigar-lovers. For those who invite the overwhelming yet intoxicating aroma of a strong cigar, the Liga Privada is perfect. This cigar is made for connoisseurs and casual cigar smokers alike. The complex ingredients from different regions will create a symphony of flavors on your palette. This is no dull cigar.
Though the Liga Privada is a robust cigar, there is a slight sweetness to its taste. Although the subtle flavors infused in other cigars can be overpowered by spicy tastes, the delicate sweetness of the Liga Privada blends well with the varied Cuban-seed tobaccos. Instead of one dominant flavor, you’ll experience an abundance of rich tastes, a sophisticated blend of strong and sweet.
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6.00 X 52 | 5-Pack | Maduro
6.00 X 52 | Box of 24 | Maduro
7.00 X 52 | 5-Pack | Maduro
7.00 X 52 | Box of 24 | Maduro
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6.00 X 52 | 5-Pack | Maduro
6.00 X 52 | Box of 24 | Maduro
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5.00 X 52 | 5-Pack | Maduro
5.00 X 52 | Box of 24 | Maduro
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