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God of Fire

God of Fire Cigars are cigars fit for a king, thoughtfully brought to you from the two living legendary gods of cigar production, Carlos Fuente, Sr. and Carlito Fuente. Together with accessory maker Keith Park of Prometheus, International, Inc, they are producing a limited edition of God of Fire branded cigars, and God of Fire cigar accessories. The cigars and accessories all feature the unique Prometheus Bound logo, which is shown on limited edition humidors, the signature red boxes, and on each cigar band. A second band on each cigar indicates the year of production. The color photo depicts a legendary story. Prometheus stole fire from the god Zeus, and was bound to a huge rock and attacked by eagles daily as punishment for giving fire to mankind.

God of Fire cigars are indeed a rare find. Usually sold in singles, and small boxes of 8 or 10, these unique cigars are only available from a small group of exclusive dealers, and sell out quickly. They feature two different wrappers. The powerful Cameroon from Carlito is spicy - sweet with complex flavors, while the Don Carlos Ecuadorian wrapper is silky, and sweet. All are produced exclusively in the Dominican Republic, with aged wrappers over filler and binder leaves that blend with aging into perfect unity. Their balanced taste gets even better by aging together for one year to produce a medium, full flavor.

The aged wrappers are hand rolled by skilled torcedors and then aged like fine wine. Some are packed in aluminum tubes, and there is a special God of Fire Humidor available. All are very hard to find and sell out quickly. God of Fire cigars are an exclusive experience, well worth the hunt to locate and enjoy. Itís not every day that you can hold a legend in your hand, and take in every aspect of the exquisite experience of smoking one of the finest cigars ever produced on earth. God of Fire is pleasure from start to finish, including the moments you will spend contemplating the Prometheus Bound story imprinted on the band in full glorious color.

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Qty Description Price
Length: 7.00 | Ring: 48 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 5.20 | Ring: 50 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 5.20 | Ring: 50 | Count: Box of 10
Length: 5.20 | Ring: 50 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 5.20 | Ring: 50 | Count: Box of 8
Length: 5.70 | Ring: 50 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 5.70 | Ring: 50 | Count: Box of 10
Length: 5.70 | Ring: 50 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 5.70 | Ring: 50 | Count: Box of 8
Length: 6.3 | Ring: 52 | Count: 5 Cigars
Length: 6.3 | Ring: 52 | Count: Box of 10

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